An Offer You Can't Refuse

Bible Reading: John 4:28-42
Author: Tom Buice (Tennessee, US)
Friday 18 October 2019 © The Upper Room.

I am a gadget man. When I discover a new electronic device or software, I get excited. Recently I found a free scheduling app for my tablet that would send reminders about project-due dates and help me to plan my work and hold myself accountable. I told my wife, Bonnie, about it and downloaded it to her tablet. Then I sent emails to my three children, urging them to download it quickly, since it would go back to full price the next day.

This zeal to share good news is a smaller version of the fervour that wells up in us when we receive Christ. What a treasure we’ve found! We feel buoyant, free from guilt. Immediately we wonder if others are like us, feeling the pain of guilt. I have discovered just what they need, something they literally can’t live without. Christ offers freedom from guilt, the power to overcome and daily fellowship with God. What’s more we now have a new understanding of scripture and ultimately a home in heaven. This is priceless! I want to share this good news.

Prayer: Dear Lord, give us a renewed desire to share the good news. Amen

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Fantastic! I’m so thrilled by God’s goodness that He has brought about such a wonderful way of communicating His love and Gospel to Deaf people. I’m convinced God will use it to His glory and that it will be an effective means of nurturing Deaf Christians for whom church and the Bible is often difficult. You can be assured of my prayers in asking our Father to use these means to reach Deaf people who would never dream of entering a church building. KS