The Ministry of Hospitality

Bible Reading: 3 John 1-12
Author: Nola Passmore (Queensland, Australia)
Monday 25 September 2017
I went to southern India with a mission team. We learned a few phrases in the local language and then set out in pairs to use those words with people we met.
My friend and I saw a man sitting outside a house. We tried to start a conversation using our few phrases, which roughly translated, ‘Hello. I am Nola, and this is John. We are trying to learn your language; we cannot speak your language properly.’ 

The man spoke English and invited us into his home. His family prepared some food and drink for us, and he spent an hour helping us to learn different words. 

We were overwhelmed by the hospitality shown to us, especially as we were strangers from a different culture and religion. I wonder if I would have been so generous if someone from another country had knocked on my door.

Hospitality is sometimes undervalued, but it has been an important ministry from the first days of the church. Gaius, one of the early Christians, welcomed travelling missionaries and thereby shared in their work.
Diotrephes was more interested in his own position in the church. Not only did he fail to welcome the missionaries, but he also tried to prevent others from doing so. Whose example will we follow?

Prayer: Dear God, please help us to welcome others and to show them your love so that they can see you in our words and actions. Amen
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