Robin's nest

Bible Reading: Acts 2:41-42
Author: Colin D. Harbach (Cumbria, England)
Saturday 20 January 2018 © The Upper Room.
Pamela met me at the chapel door, her face bright with eagerness as she showed me the shoebox in her hands. It was full of dried grass and moss and some shreds of paper. ‘I’ve made a nest,’ she said. ‘A robin  will come to live in it!’
How could I explain to a young child so full of faith that a robin will usually build its own nest and might prefer a round one? Reflecting on this experience led me to another important truth. Pamela could offer all the materials for a nest, but the robin had to build it herself. In the same way, we may also find ourselves wanting to build other people’s faith for them. But we forget that our Christian experiences are unique because each is between us and our Lord. Our lives are bound together in fellowship and built on the same materials of faith and love. Today’s verse reminds us to share our faith and the love of Christ with one another as we each build our own relationship with God.

Prayer: Dear Father, you have given us this life in Christ to enjoy and to share. Help us to support one another as we build our relationships with you. Amen
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Would it be possible to have a section where the Gospel is explained for Deaf people who are not yet true Christians to view? Maybe it could be a translation of a good tract? In fact, as Christians, we can never study the Gospel message enough for as we grasp it more and more our love for God grows and compels us to share it with others. God bless your endeavours for Him KS