Taste And See

Bible Reading: Psalm 96:1-9
Author: Mrs. Callie Daruk (Tennessee, USA)
Tuesday 17 September 2019 © The Upper Room.
“What is your son’s name?”  I asked the mother next to me as we decorated the table for our children’s class party.  She replied, and we made small talk for a while before our conversation shifted to the Lord.  As she spoke, I thought, I wish I could talk about the Lord as freely as she does, but I can’t. 

Then a verse I had read that morning came to mind.  “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  I looked at the array of sweets on the table and realised that when I find a new dessert recipe, I call a friend to say, “You’ve got to try this!”  Because I’ve tasted it and discovered that it is delicious, I want to share it.  As if the Lord whispered it in my ear, a question rose in my heart.  Are you quicker to share a brownie recipe than you are to share me?  Conviction filled my heart as I knew my answer.  The truth was, I hadn’t been tasting God enough to be very excited.

The more we taste God’s goodness, the more we crave and become excited about God.  When we read scripture, commune with God daily, and taste God’s blessings, we see how wonderful God truly is.  Once we know of God’s sweetness, we can pray for the courage to boldly share our faith with others.

Prayer: Dear God, help us to desire you in deeper ways day by day.  May we share your sweetness as we pour your love onto others.  Amen.
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I was so enjoyed to read your speaking of bsl daily devotion everyday with variety of different bsl skills from worker who work for the Lord as Thank God for sending out God's perfect words to the world. Nothing is too hard for Him. God's word's is the million best of the heaven than the news of the world. I prayed that those who did bsl daily devotion will get more strength from God to translate from English or whatever language into bsl and another sign language to tell gospel well to the world and touch their soul to glory God in Jesus's name. I am very humbly honour those who first set up BSl daily devotion with Team. God bless you to the end.