God's love Song

Bible Reading: Romans 8:14-21
Author: Mrs. Jodie Dennis (Northamptonshire, United Kingdom)
Friday 17 May 2019 © The Upper Room.
When my husband and I were living in Nicaragua as missionaries, I struggled with the relentless heat.  Getting through the day and doing a few basic chores were often all I could manage.  I suffered from migraines and frequently wondered what I was doing there.  I wasn’t sure I would ever acclimate enough to be able to do anything useful.

I wrote today’s quoted scripture in my journal after arriving in Nicaragua.  It came to mind one morning as I sat looking at my feet.  “How beautiful your sandalled feet, O prince’s daughter!”  Reading this verse, I was overwhelmed when I remembered that I am the daughter of the King: precious, loved, cherished, and honoured.  I know God’s delight in me and love for me.  

Whenever I doubted what I was doing in Nicaragua; I could look at my sandalled feet and remember who I am.  It didn’t matter if I was able to accomplish great things while in Nicaragua, I was precious to God no matter what.
We are beautiful, not because of what we do or achieve but because we belong to God.  May this knowledge comfort and encourage us, reminding us of our purpose regardless of what we accomplish. 

Prayer: Loving God, help us to walk through today covered in the knowledge of your love for us.  Help us to remember our purpose in you. Amen.
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God bless you all and thanks to God for Ramon's healing! \O/ SD